Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm Here!

So I'm keeping this blog as a place for my observations/experiences on my South Korean adventure. I'll try to keep my personal thoughts/feelings to a minimum (as I have other outlets for such things) but there is sure to be some bleeding over. Pictures are lacking until I get a digital camera, so for right now I'll just give a little backstory on what has happened so far.

December 26th- I was supposed to leave early in the morning for Korea. Unfortunately, my flight was from Bradley to Chicago was cancelled so I got to stay home an extra day.

December 27th- This was it. I got on my plane, made it to Chicago in about 3 hours, and then boarded my flight to Seoul. I hate having to deal with airlines (especially when they try to charge me for pointless things) and I really hate getting the middle seat on a 14 hour flight. I must say though, Korean Airlines is on point. Everybody has there own private television monitor and a bunch of free movies/games. After watching Transformers, some Harry Potter crap, and then This is England, I was ready to get the hell off the plane. We finally got to Seoul and I made it through customs. One interesting sidebar: they make you check things off on the customs form like "Do you have any meats?" "Do you have any firearms?" which aren't that out of the ordinary but a question like "Do you have any pornography?" definitely got some lol's. I pictured some really nervous businessman with a hustler in his carry-on sweating it out while passing through. I still don't know if porn is illegal here.

Anyways, I soon made it to my apartment. And by soon I mean two hours later. The one plus of the traffic is that I got to see a little more of Seoul, including the Olympic Stadium, which was especially impressive at night time. I made it to my apartment soon thereafter and, compared to some of the places I've lived, is fucking niiiice. Hardwood floors and a little loft area for me to sleep. I'll write more about that once I have a camera and can take pictures.

Next: my first week in Korea!

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